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Yulmar is a unique minifigure that originated from the 2001 set Battle Gate 9881. He's some kind of mage with a design similar to the Olsef of the Fire And Ice series. He came with a unique magic wand and a Blue cape unique to the hero characters of the first Dragons line.

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The older sets are more common on websites like ebay or Kijiji. Since we don't have a Bricklink for Megabloks... But! Searching on different version of ebay can help the search and will cost a little bit more or less depending on your country.

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This minifig as you can see is on the STDY/STDY+ level of durability... All Valtheran are extremely sturdy and are nearly unbreakable. The one that will break a Valtheran is brutal... The broken arms problem isn't a common thing for them to have even when the plastic is a little bit older but, keep in mind that Yulmar's paint will worn off due to over use after a certain time. It's a resistant figure and a good one to interact with.

*Warning! In the set 9878 the Valtheran heads can be broken easily even NIB!*

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  • 9881 Yulmar shown in the collection showcase
  • 9881 yulmar in the alternative build 1
  • 9881 Yulmar in the alternative build 2
  • 9881 Yulmar shown in the character list
  • 9881 Yulmar shown on the box art
  • 9881 Yulmar shown in the box
  • 9897 yulmar on the box art.
  • 9897 in the alternative build
  • 9897 Yulmar as the bishop
  • 9897 Yulmar in the box showcase 1
  • 9897 Yulmar in the Box showcase 2
  • 9878 Yulmar shown in the character list.
  • 9878 Yulmar shown on the box art
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