The Xenoz minifigure

Xenoz is an evil Wizard and has the power to control ice after he killed the Dragon Queen with the help of the evil Dragon Stendhal. He controls the Ice Vorgan army.

Thoron, king of the Dragons, used the power of the Aurathon Krystal to create Xenoz to become the ambassador between the two armies of the Draigar and Norvagen and was given the power of immortality. Later Xenoz conspired with the evil Dragon Stendhal and slew the Dragon Queen and took her ice Krystal. Thoron later arrived and saw the dead body of his queen and burned and deformed the face of Xenoz.

Thoron, with all his power, imprisoned Stendhal for 1000 years. Xenoz then allied with the Vorgan forming the Ice Vorgan. Xenoz made an evil plan, it was to slay all the Dragons and feed them to his Vorgan, in doing so the Draigar and Norvagen fought with each other. Not for the Krystals but they thought that the other had been killing the Dragons.

Xenoz was immortal, but he could not heal. He wore a white mask at all times to hide his face, which was horribly disfigured due to his immense age and the scarring caused by Thoron. The mask was made out of ice and Xenoz used magic to make it appear as a normal face. When he kidnapped the Norvagen prince and Draigar princess, he unwillingly united the Draigar and Norvagen into the Fyren, who then besieged his Ice Palace on Dragon Mountain, ending in his teleportation to the Dragon World where he was brought to justice by the Dragon King Thoron and his Dragon court.

Afterwards, Xenoz somehow escaped his imprisonment and became the leader of a small group called the Xenoz Clerics.

In the Fire And Ice movie, Xenoz has a red face but in his minifigure he has a blue face.

Capt Image

Xenoz as he appears in the movie.

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