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The Warriors Fortress is a 2002 set of 260 pieces. It includes 6 Valtheran, 6 Warfang, 2 Dragons and 2 Power stones.

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"Warriors Fortress is the setting for an epic battle between Warfang and Valtheran forces as they use their vast array of weaponry and artillery to gain control of the fortress and the precious stones of power. The dragons Rockscorcher and Craigfire fight alongside and pluck unlucky fighters off the field of battle. The victorious army will unlock the ancient secret of Warriors Fortress : Realsing the mask of the dragons; giving its owner ultimate power."

The Warriors Fortress is the old capital of the Valtheran kingdom. The Warfang have laid siege to the ruins in order to gain control of the great Krystals Of Power located there. The Warfang siege is led by Morlack, while the Valtheran led by Rythiel try to fight back the invaders. It is the first battle of the Warfang and Valtheran War.

The fortress is later rebuilt as the Draigar Castle, once Padraig unified the 2 armies as the Draigar.

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The older sets are more common on websites like ebay or Kijiji. Since there's no Bricklink for Megabloks... But! Searching on different version of ebay can help the search and will cost a little bit more or less depending on your country.

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Rythiel, Leith, Aprash, Ashul, Ramach, Imrien

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Morlack, Malkin, Simmurg, Vorlang, Harg, Kriwarg

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Rockscorcher, Craigfire

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