The Warfang and Valtheran War is a conflict set before Padraig's Unification and the Krystal Wars.

Lore Edit

In the world of Dragons, epic battles rage for the magical stones of power. The Warfang and Valtheran armies wield medieval engines of destruction and fight alongside the flying, fire-breathing beasts. Huge fortresses, hidden lairs and mysterious monuments bear witness to the endless warfare.

The Warfang and Valtheran War consisted of the armies of the Valtheran, led by Rythiel, and the invading armies of the Warfang, led by Morlack, for the control of the 5 magical stones.

The war took place within the Kingdom of Valtheria and the Northern Wastes.

The War Edit

The first battle took place at the Warriors Fortress, followed by the Battle at the Sorcerer's Lair, and later at the Battle Gate. As Padraig became the Dragon Slayer, the two armies were marching toward the battlefield where the Ultimate Battle would take place to finish the war once and for all. The war ended whenPadraig unified the two armies as the Draigar to fight against new enemies, the Norvagen and Vorgan.

Dragons Edit

The massive Dragons fly into battle armed with their most fearsome weapons: slashing talons, whipping tails and fiery breath. Rockscorcher, Craigfire, Talonblaze, Torchwing, and Stoneburner draw strength from the magical stones of power and their glowing eyes serve as warnings to those who stand in their way. They can be flown, but only by those with great courage, skill, and empathy.

Warriors Edit

The Warfang soldiers are born Warriors, raised and trained in the ways of battle. Dinstinguished by their copper-hued horned helmets and massive shields, the Warfang go into battle armed with traditional maces and warhammers. Some legendary Warfang are Morlack, Vorlod, and Kurg.

The Valtheran are professional soldiers who take pride in their fearless approach to any fight. Their ranks include the famous fighters Rythiel, Shaldor, Yulmar, and Durian. Carrying sharpened lances and battle-axes, these silver armor-clad warriors are formidable foes.

The 5 Magical Stones Edit

The 5 magical stones hold the secret powers of the Dragons. Red, blue, orange, green and black, they each fit into the forged chest-plates of the flying creatures endowing them with extraordinary might. These jewel-like translucent orbs are coveted by all, but they are also responsible for much misery and suffering.


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