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Warfang Warriors

The Warfang war hosts are a collection of clans that banded together in the northern wastes. Envious of the Valtheran and their superior fertile lands and terrain, they set forth from the black mountains to take this land. It is rumoured however that their true intentions were to acquire the six sacred stones.

Early History:Edit

There is little known on how the Warfang came about, what is known is that eventually the 8 clans of the northern wastes united when the shaman Vorlod told them of the Valtheran Kingdom of Valtheria, and the power in which they hold there, possibly referring to the six sacred stones. Once united, the black mountains blacksmiths forged armour for the tribes. United under banners of a skull, the war hosts of the Warfang marched into the lands of the Valtheran. The Warfang quickly captured the ruins of the Sorcerer's Lair, setting it up as their forward base of attack.


War with ValtheranEdit

From the beginning, the warlords of the northern Warfang tribes envied and despised the Valtheran kingdom. It is rumored that the Valtheran kept the six sacred stones within their greatest stronghold, the Warriors Fortress , and that is the true reason behind the age long war between the Warfang and the Valtheran. This conflict grew up to define both nations and awaken the six Dragons of war. This war is what the initial Mega Bloks Dragons series is based upon.

Siege of the Warriors FortressEdit

Warfang and Valtheran War

Alliance with the Valtheran and the Formation of the DraigarEdit

Padraig's Unification

The later factions of the Iron Raiders and Argentix had Warfang soldiers in their ranks.


Common Warfang names are:

Kriwarg, Harg, Vorlang, Simmurg, Malkin, Morlack, Woljag, Akrif, Grosag, Somyrk, Vorlod, Skolack, Wulluck, Kurg and Morkus

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