Draigar War Chest

The Krystal Wars, like the original Dragons series, came with War Chests to boost your armies.

Valtheran War Chest


Norvagen War Chest

Each War Chest contains 3 warriors, a small building, 2-3 shields and all weapons of that race. The figures are random characters of the respective faction that can be obtained through the core sets.

They all come in a neat metal tin, that stacks well with other War Chests.

Warfang War Chest


Dragons: War Chest (Valtheran), War Chest (Warfang), Valtheran ballista War Chest, Warfang catapult War Chest

Krystal Wars: Draigar War Chest, Norvagen War Chest, Vorgan War Chest

Vorgan War Chest

Iron Raiders: Raiders Ballista, Raiders Catapult

Fire And Ice: Fire Sentry, Ice Outpost

Metal Ages: Ferroch Last Stand, Odaku Invasion


The Draigar War Chest comes with a section of the dragon gate, much like the Warfang and Valtheran War Chests, though it has been changed to the red and gold of the Draigar. The Vorgan War Chest comes with a small outpost, one of many scattered around the Valtheran plains to warn the Vorgan of attack.

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