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Vorlod is a Warfang  sorcerer that participated in the second battle between the Valtheran and Warfang at Sorcerer's Lair. His armour is identical to that of his fellow Warfang Warriors, and he wears a green cloak, which indicates high status among the Warfang. His exact powers are unknown, but he wields a sceptre with a green gem imbedded into its crescent-shaped end. He has also been known to carry a shield. His beard is of a brown colour.


Vorlod may be able to decipher the runes written in the Sorcerer's Tome found in Sorcerer's Lair and those runes written on the megalith at Sorcerer's Lair. Vorlod's power may also be connected with the Sceptre found within the megalith. 

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