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Vorgan Attack set.

The Vorgan, also called Ice Vorgan, are one of the factions and races of the Dragons universe. They appeared around the same time as the Norvagen during the Krystal Wars. They fought many of the other factions; including the Draigar, Fyren, and Norvagen. A few Vorgan even joined some of the other factions, including the Iron Raiders, Aurios, and Argentix.

History Edit

The Vorgan lived in swamps across the world, and rode on the appropriately named Swamp Dragons (who were not technically dragons, as they didn't ascend to the Dragon World with Thoron when Thoron's mate died.) The Vorgan made their homes from rotted wood tied together with rope. Vorgan are known to be mutants, although it is unknown what they mutated from, it would appear that their progenitors were some sort of reptile or amphibian, due to their tridactyl feet and green skin (although it should be noted that not all Vorgan were green, with some breeds having bright red skin, or a dull yellowish tone). Despite originating in swamps, Vorgan could also be found in colder areas such as the tundra, or mountains, where they wore animal furs to keep away the cold. These frosty brothers of the Vorgan were known as the Ice Vorgan. Vorgan were thick-skinned, and so could go toe to toe with a heavily armored human and still pose a threat, even when unarmed, as displayed by Gortaz when he stopped a human sword with his bare hand, before promptly breaking it with the same hand. The Vorgan were also known for their less than picky appetite, they would eat dragons, humans, and even one another if they felt up to it.


Vorgan flags.

The Vorgan had multiple large sets: the Vorgan Stronghold, Vorgan Ice Fang, Dragon Mountain, and Vorgan Plasma Fortress/ Tower Assault.

Culture Edit

There are many common names in the Vorgan language, here are a few:

Valumog, Balkhagal, Larggar, Yazhrod, Durkbagar, Volrog, Ghashnarg, Karag, Urgmog, Azghar, Bolog, Volnarb, Tarkhog, Ogagel, Kubal, Gortaz, Nobgnor, Barrroc, Kandahar, Snobrod, Frozgon, Norcestor, Darbagar, Gohrgroc, Balkanog, Trabaltrug, Vrorgabar, Klak, Chillloc, Cryocrag, Klitkragg, Belloserroch, Orkrot, Agrahor, Urgnurk, Uglug, Gorgor, Smirrok, Gorhorg, Nogoodiz, Graawl, Grimstuf, Waabad, Pok, Arrug

Vorgan are lead by Chiefs who are usually the most powerful member in the Vorgan society. Xenoz, in a sense, became a Chief after his takeover of the Vorgan and turning them into Ice Vorgan.

Dragons associated with the Vorgan include:

Rot, Gloom, Murk, Gore, Tuhg, Frenkuhl, Gul 'Khan, Ice Claw Attack Dragon, Ice Dragon, Frost Dragon, Crawbellow Vorgan Phalanx Dragon, Tailtorn Jungle Glider Dragon, Prongrowl Solar Sabotage Dragon, Clawshock Electric Dragon, Tidalfire Coastal Defense Dragon, Clawdigger Vorgan Hailstorm Dragon, Tailsmash Vorgan Thunder Dragon

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