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3 Valtheran Warriors

The Valtheran are the first nation encountered within the Legend of the Dragons. They reside within the kingdom of Valtheria. A proud but noble kingdom, their kingdom was built and based around the premise of magic and the six sacred stones. The Valtheran kingdom has seen much war, in particular the war against the Warfang war hosts of the northern wastes. The Valtheran kingdom eventually allied with the Warfang war hosts to counter the new threat from the swamp lands, the Vorgan, and the ocean marauders of the north, the Norvagen. This created an army known as the Draigar.

Early History:Edit

Not much is known about how the Valtheran kingdom came into being, all that is known is that its conflict with the Warfang war hosts awoke the six Dragons of war. These Dragons grew to define the era, and eventually cause the Valtheran and Warfang to ally up, fusing their nations together to create the Draigar, the Dragon nation.


War with the WarfangEdit

From the beginning, the warlords of the northern Warfang tribes envied and despised the Valtheran kingdom. It is rumoured that the Valtheran kept the six sacred stones within their greatest stronghold, the Warriors Fortress, and that is the true reason behind the age long war between the Warfang and the Valtheran. This conflict grew to define both nations and awoke the six Dragons of war. This war is what the initial Mega Bloks Dragons series is based upon.

Siege of the Warrior FortressEdit

Alliance with Valtheran and the Formation of the DraigarEdit


There are thousands of Valtheran Warriors, some common names are:

Rythiel, Leith, Aprash, Ashul, Imrien, Gilnor, Tamoth, Ethyn, Shaldor, Hulraith, Yulmar, Harnash,Riel, Durian, Ramach

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