Hola! I am the great and mighty Toa Tikisaurus! I am a big fan of all things Bionicle, Mega Bloks Dragons, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars. :)

Toa Tikisaurus (talk) 08:59, October 18, 2018 (UTC)

Sets I Own Edit

Currently I have the Battle Gate (missing pieces though), 2 Marauders Cliff (1 came with the Krystal Wars Battle Chest so I got an awesome wooden box to store all of them in:), Vorgan Stronghold, Vorgan Attack, Raiders Attack, Fire Storm Fortress and Fire Ambush, Smoke Dragon, Portal Of Fire, Frost Dragon, Wizards Strong Box, Rutilus Gold Armour Dragon, Argentum Silver Armour Dragon, Havocfire Beryllium Armour Dragon, Siege Chariot, Darkwoods Ambush, Brimer Dark Claw Dragon, Sether Metal Slash Dragon, Clawdigger Vorgan Hailstorm Dragon.

My favorite pagesEdit

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