Ultimate Battle, the last battle Between the Warfang and Valtheran.


The Ultimate Battle is a peculiar set, released in 2003. It is under the label Krystal Wars , yet it contains all 30 Warfang and Valtheran warriors and all 5 dragons from the first Dragons series.


The Ultimate Battle is the fourth and last battle of the Warfang and Valtheran War

This is the Ultimate Battle, the final all-out battle between the Valtheran and the Warfang. The two armies gathered in all their might to end the conflict once and for all. However, they were stopped by Padraig who convinced them to join forces and created the Draigar army.



Rythiel, Leith, Aprash, Ashul, Ramach, Imrien, Gilnor, Tamoth, Ethyn, Shaldor, Hulraith, Yulmar, Harnash, Riel, Durian


Morlack, Malkin, Simmurg, Vorlang, Harg, Kriwarg, Vorlod, Somyrk, Grosag, Akrif, Woljag, Morkusk, Kurg, Wulluck, Skolack


Rockscorcher, Craigfire, Stoneburner, Talonblaze, Torchwing

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