The Sea Dragon set.

Sea Dragon is a set released in the Krystal Wars series. It contained a few Norvagen, Draigar, and Vorgan Warriors.

Sea Dragons are also a species of Dragons that have allied themselves with the Norvagen. They have a fish-scale appearance and long necks with bones sticking out. Like other Dragon species, the Sea Dragons originate from the mythical Dragon World.

Known Sea Dragons include:

Beilhir, Draknar, Lindwyrm, Midgaard, Tarnloch, Rawlsong Ocean Camouflage Dragon, Ignistrife Red Dragon

Oddly, Tarnloch from the Wizard's Sea Assault set is referred to as a Sea Dragon despite the fact that he actually is a two-headed Draigar Dragon. Rawlsong is known as the lord of the entire ocean and therefore the Dragons who inhabit it. Another oddity is Ignistrife who is the only actual Sea Dragon to be allied with the Draigar.

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