Goldrage, a golden Predavor dragon.

Predavors are a group of Dragons that came from meteorite Dragon Eggs. They are the antagonists of the Dragons Universe line, fighting against the human Alliance that lives on the planet where the Dragons crashed on. Eventually the Alliance captures some eggs and raises their own army of Dragons. This causes the Predavors to retaliate by enslaving some humans and forcing them to fight for the Predavors however other humans joined the Predavors out of their own free will.


The Predavors hatched from eggs that had been lying dormant in the asteroid belt around a human colony. The Predavors are dictators and will destroy anything that gets in their way and that prevents them from obtaining all of the power cores. A few are the evolutions of Infernajin, Orzerath, and Kaigera.

Names of the Predavors include:

Hydrobolt, Amberblast, Terager, Venomfang, Icestorm, Goldrage, Fleshtear, Skullcrush, Ironclaw, Clawripper, Blackheart, Torchwing, Tailspike, Flarestorm Ultimate Dragon, Bloodclaw, Deadeye, Bladewing, Wartooth, Iceblaze, Thrash Veno, Slash Veno, Raid Veno, Bane Venwrath, Toxic Vendraga, Fang Orzus, Crash Orzus, Crush Orzus, Rage Orzus, Ruin Orzero, Chaos Orzorus, Crash Kai, Raid Kai, Thrash Kai, Rage Kai, Soul Kaiga, Chrono Kaizer, Burst Jin, Blitz Jin, Slash Jin, Stealth Jin, Pyro Jinthra, Blaze Jinryu, Omega Zekris

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