The humans that betrayed the Alliance or were enslaved by the Predavors. They fight alongside the Predavors to obtain the power cores and dominate the galaxy.

Vehicles Edit

Much like the Alliance, they mainly use vehicles for fighting. Names of these vehicles are:

Bloodstone Raider, Onyx Breaker


Many humans on the remote colony world became drafted into the Alliance army during their war with the Predavors. Becoming disenfranchised with the Alliance or falling for the promises of glory from the Predavors many of these humans defected and joined the Predavor cause. A large number of civilians on the planet were then enslaved and forced to fight for these traitors.

Culture Edit

Also like the Alliance, they use Roman/ Latin inspired names. They also kept the Alliance's militaristic attitude.

Members, divided by rank, include:


Rubico, Barbatus, Calenus

Dragon Riders:

Falx, Orosius, Rullus


Caprenius, Lunaris




Varro Sejanus

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