Padraig, as King of the Draigar

Padraig's Unification is a series of events that took place directly between the Warfang and Valtheran War and the Krystal Wars.

Following his duel against Torchwing, Padraig gained the title of Dragon Slayer, and used of his newly aquirred power to stop the Valtheran and the Warfang from battling each other. He instead claimed the two armies should join forces, creating the Draigar army under one yellow-gold banner.

Creation of the Draigar army

The unification of the Valtheran and Warfang armies created the Draigar, a group of proud warriors seeking the Power Stones. The newly formed army found an ennemy to unite against: the remaining Dragons, carrying the coveted stones. A series of battles took place against the giant creatures, allowing the Draigar to collect enough Power Stones to garner the jealousy of the surrounding factions: the Norvagen and Vorgan. The Battle of Fire Mountain against the Dragon Eironchard gave the Draigar an extremly powerful Power Stone, finishing the unification of the Draigar under one banner, and starting the Krystal Wars.

The Battle of Fire Mountain ended the unification, but started the Krystal Wars. The Draigar used a yellow banner during the time of the unification, and switched for a red banner during the Krystal Wars.

Battles of the unification

Battle of the Dragon Tower

Dragon Battle

Battle of Fire Mountain

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