The Odaku flag.

The Odaku are a group of Warriors from the eastern lands that warred against the various nations of the west. They eventually made peace with the Norvagen, Draigar, Fyren, and Ferroch armies at the end of the Metal Ages.

They had three main sets: Odaku Armoury, Dragon Ramparts, and the Ramparts Of Ryousan.

Culture Edit

There are many names used in Odaku society, here are a few:

Scylla, Gorhagar, Kraugn, Arashi, Bukiko, Kassen, Gunryo, Gusoku, Metaru, Shingai, Ikusa, Shouri, Tatakai, Senka

Scylla is the imposter Odaku queen and Gorhagar is the rightful and true Odaku king.

The Odaku were clearly influenced by Japan, because of their helmet design, and their overuse of red, and yellow. Their soldiers with faces, Gorhagar, Scylla, and Kraugn appears slightly Asian. And the Ramparts of Ryousan is similar to the Great Wall Of China.

Dragons associated with the Odaku include:

Gryndel Aluminum Armour Dragon, Slann Cobalt Armour Dragon, Argentum Silver Armour Dragon, Ferrarius Iron Armour Dragon, Irascor Copper Armour Dragon, Rutilus Gold Armour Dragon, Havocfire Beryllium Armour Dragon, Clawdagger Tin Armour Dragon, Heliostrafe Chromium Armour Dragon, Fearswoop Lead Armour Dragon, Darkinferno Nickel Armour Dragon, Stendhal Titanium Armour Dragon, Brimer Dark Claw Dragon

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