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The Norvagen are a group of seafaring Warriors hailing from the far northern lands. They eventually joined the Draigar to defeat Xenoz and his Ice Vorgan army. They helped to create the Fyren and Ferroch factions. The Norvagen rode on Sea Dragons which were native to the coastal regions that the Norvagen inhabited.

History Edit

The Norvagen originated in distant lands to the far north. These lands were rocky and barren, with only a single entrance at the Marauders Cliff. They built huge ships allowing them to travel around the world and arrived to the southern lands. Maybe they were exploring or just attracted by the Krystals Of Power. Once there the Norvagen established a coastal colony (called the Coastal Norvagen Enclave) and fought against the native inhabitants of the southern lands, known as the Draigar and the mysterious race of Vorgan.

Krystal Wars Edit

Under the command of their King Ostgard. The Norvagen made war against the Draigar and Vorgan over 5 great Krystals Of Power. The war lasted many thousands of years. Until King Olsef and Prince Dev allied with the Draigar to form the Fyren.

Fire And Ice Wars Edit

After hundreds of years of war with the Draigar, King Olsef allied with the Draigar to form the Fyren faction. They fought against the Ice Vorgan, lead by Xenoz. After they defeated the Vorgan, Prince Dev and Princess Kyra allied and the ages of war between Draigar and Norvagen is finished.

Metal Ages Edit

The Norvagen fought against the Odaku who were invading their lands.

Culture Edit

There are many common names among the Norvagen, here are a few:

Kalborg, Varmman, Stocklo, Hallslag, Vallud, Sodergard, Tonsland, Ostgard, Ymir, Fialar, Blodug, Lodar, Norrvik, Vetnes, Veltag, Kalger, Vasterlan, Hedsund, Hiel, Thok, Bodfors, Golefud, Stalgot, Gotelag, Eldir, Dev, Norvagen Olsef, Brandish, Rendwrought, Sabrevise, Chainguard, Sledgeweld

The Norvagen have a hierarchy of kings and princes ruling their people. They are also more advanced in the arts of naval warfare than the Draigar are, judging by the fact that the Norvagen have huge Man-O-War ships and the Draigar have no fleet to speak of. It could also be that other nations such as the Ice Vorgan may have captured ships to use for themselves, such as the Vorgan Ice Fang. The Fyren also had the knowledge on how to build ships as they were formed from members of the Norvagen and Draigar.

There are 2 Olsef characters, one is called the Norvagen Olsef and the other is called the Fyren Olsef. It is unclear whether these are the same character or entirely different people.

Dragons associated with the Norvagen include:

Beithir, Draknar, Midgaard, Lindwyrm, Targon Mercury Armour Dragon, Thoron Platinum Armour Dragon, Vile Wind Sprinter Dragon

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