The second Dragons movie.

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The largest Metal Ages set, the Ramparts Of Ryousan.

Metal Ages was the Dragons series that was released after Fire And Ice. It is also the name for a war that happened between the Odaku and the combined Norvagen, Ferroch, Fyren, and Draigar armies.

Sets Edit

List of sets

Large Sets:

9813 Ramparts Of Ryousan

9514 Dragon Ramparts

9812 Odaku Armoury

9613 Norvagen Destroyer

9508 Draigar Fortress

Medium Sets:

9697 Screechlurker Antimony Armour Dragon

9696 Darkinferno Nickel Armour Dragon

9625 Thoron Platinum Armour Dragon

9624 Stendhal Titanium Armour Dragon

9500 Cavern Dragons

9504 Metal Eggs Collection (Non-canon)

9680 Metal Eggs Collection (Non-canon)

Small Sets:

9819 Ferroch Last Stand

9818 Odaku Invasion

9689 Ramparts Victory (Army Builder)

9687 Battle At Odaku Armory (Army Builder)

9688 Norvagen Ambush (Army Builder)

9676 Draigar Cavalry (Army Builder)

9691 Clawdagger Tin Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9693 Havocfire Beryllium Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9694 Heliostrafe Chromium Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9692 Fearswoop Lead Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9848 Argentum Silver Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9849 Irascor Copper Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9840 Rutilus Gold Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9843 Ferrarius Iron Armour Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9829 Targon Mercury Armour Dragon ( Light Dragon)

9626 Aroara Bronze Armour Dragon ( Light Dragon)

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