The completed set


The Marauder's Cliff set is part of the Krystal Wars series and was released in 2003. It contains 11 Warriors and a Dragon. The throne staff can be used to open the Dragon-bone cage and reveal the Krystal Of Power. There is one Dragon named Beilhir who has a flexible tail, pose-able head and neck, and magnetic claws. The Dragon gates open and close.

Marauder's Ambush is a variant that includes the set Vorgan Attack.


The Marauder's Cliff is the entrance to the Norvagen homelands. It is fiercely guarded and patrolled. Razor sharp rocks and cliffs lie on either side of the channel that it guards; the only entrance into the Norvagen homeland. A Krystal Of Power sits atop the barracks. It acts as a lighthouse to guide Norvagen warships into the safety of the bay beyond.

The Draigar attempted to infiltrate the gate, but after two unsuccessful, yet bloodless, attempts, they gave up. The Marauder's Cliff never saw any significant action during the Krystal Wars due to most of the fighting occurring in the Draigar homeland.

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