Kyra as she appears in the movies.

Princess Kyra is the daughter of Siddari and next in line to become ruler of the Draigar. Her personal Dragon was Aroara. When she was young, Thoron hid the Aurathon Krystal in a scar on her face which gave her the ability to control fire. She teamed up with Dev to find Thoron for Xenoz but she soon learned that Xenoz had captured her father. She and Dev attacked Xenoz's Ice Palace on Dragon Mountain to free their parents and defeated Xenoz, ending the war of Fire And Ice. She later fights alongside the Norvagen, Fyren, and Ferroch fighting against the invading Odaku during the Metal Ages.


Kyra was born during the 1000-year war with the Norvagen, yet grew to become a dignified young lady, sophisticated and well-educated, as were all the Draigar people, most especially the royals. Her noble and well-bred heritage though, did not stop her from developing her physical skills or from seeking blazing adventure with her Dragon friend Aurora.

Intelligent enough to abhor war, she was however taught all her life to believe that the Norvagen were barbaric brutes and thugs. She couldn't imagine a peaceful solution to the age-old conflict. However reluctantly, she resolved to battle for victory, for above all things—Kyra, similar to her Norvagen counterpart Prince Dev, desired the return of the wonderful Dragons to her world. And according to legend, this could happen only when the ongoing war with the Norvagen ends. Because she was truly noble, she believed it was her responsibility to end the conflict.


Tall, slender, dark and beautiful—very refined for her age. Has a strange mark on her face—which glows mysteriously when her anger is roused…


She is intuitive, perceptive, a strategic thinker—with a particular disdain for all things Norvagen. Her stubbornness is matched only by her compassion.

Fighting Style

A swift and graceful Eastern-style Draigar Martial Artist; adapted from the Dragon Arts. She is also expert with the Longbow, spear, staff, and throwing stars.

Special Abilities

Has a mystical connection to Fire, which flares and recedes to match her complex moods, due to the power of the Aurathon held within her.

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