Krystals Of Power (also called Crystals Of Power, Power Crystals, Power Stones, Dragon Krystals, or Plasma Krystals) are magical stones that dragons use. The most powerful Krystal is the Aurathon which is used by Thoron, king of the dragons. The Krystals are usually the cause for the many wars throughout the Dragons lore. An entire series and war was named after these powerful artifacts: the Krystal Wars. Krystals are not the only magical devices used by dragons, there are also Battle Helmets.


5 of the 6 Sacred Stones. The last one was located at Fire Mountain, and caused the Krystal Wars.

Valtheran and Warfang War, Padraig's Unification Edit

It is during the Valtheran and Warfang War that the Krystals of Power are firstly mentionned. Believed by the Warfang and the Valtheran to be sacred stones, they were 6 and were linked to the dragons that could put them on their chest-plates.

During the unification, the Draigar searched for more sacred stones, causing many battles against dragons, but helping the Draigar to gain unity and experiences, letting them to get the sixth sacred stone at Fire Mountain, causing the conflict known as the Krystal Wars.

Known Krystals include:

Aurathon Krystal, Fire Krystal, Lodestone Krystal, Shadow Krystal, Windryn Plasma Krystal, Azuldor Plasma Krystal, Blindor Plasma Krystal, Nimblor Plasma Krystal, Armorin Plasma Krystal, Trifluvian Plasma Krystal, Klarstone Plasma Krystal, Katalytek Plasma Krystal, Jhettenjen Plasma Krystal, Mylor Plasma Krystal, Glacyr Plasma Krystal, Invisor Plasma Krystal, Fyrequake Plasma Krystal, Ravilden Plasma Krystal, Amrizon Plasma Krystal, Mitewizen Plasma Krystal

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