Iron Raiders Raiders Attack

Raiders Attack set.

The Iron Raiders are a group of raiders that steal from the other factions.

History Edit

Not very much is known about the history of the Iron Raiders. Their members are made up of people from various factions including the Warfang, Valtheran, Draigar, Vorgan, and Norvagen.

Culture Edit

There are various names used by the Iron Raiders, here are a few:

Sacerskulk, Sacerstrike, Traddendown, Scourloot, Malfalcator

Just to mention, Sacerskulk, and Sacerstrike are not Iron Raiders, they are Wizards but they are included in this group anyways as they appeared in a set alongside the Iron Raiders.

Dragons associated with the Iron Raiders include:

Veneficus, Tarnloch, Grovel

Series Edit

Iron Raiders is also the name of a series dedicated to the Iron Raiders. Iron Raiders have also appeared in the Spell Casters series.

Sets: Edit

List of sets

Large sets:

9651 Raiders Ambush/ Krystal Ambush

9650 Raiders Keep

Medium sets:

9653 Raiders Attack/ Outpost Attack

9652 Raiders Sea Assault

Small sets:

9656 Raiders Ballista (War Chest & Non-canon)

9655 Raiders Catapult (War Chest & Non-canon)

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