The Fyren flag.

The Fyren are a group of Warriors made up of former Norvagen and Draigar. They have fire themed armour and castles.


The Fyren were created by Dev and Kyra to combat the forces of Xenoz's Ice Vorgan army during the Fire And Ice war. They later helped the Draigar, Norvagen, and Ferroch fight against the Odaku during the Metal Ages.


There are many names in Fyren culture, here are a few:

Fyren Olsef, Magmabrander, Singesmeller, Asharm, Redhorn, Fireswarm, Crimsonclad, Battlescorch, Ravenglow, Cinderstorm, Embercrusher, Scarsabre, Shadowglare, Slaghammer, Fireheart, Ardentsmite, Aegisblaze, Kindleflash

Fyren Olsef shares a name with Norvagen Olsef and Asharm is also the name of a Draigar Warrior. It is unknown whether any of these characters that share names are the same or completely different people.

Dragons associated with the Fyren include:

Lumendraconis, Strato Incendus, Firedrake Attack Dragon, Flame Dragon, Smoke Dragon, Thoron Platinum Armour Dragon, Crymson Vulcan Fire Dragon

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