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Fire Mountain was a 2002 set released during the first series of Dragons and later rereleased for the Krystal Wars, of 80 pieces. It includes 6 Draigar Warriors, a Power Stone and a double-headed Dragon.

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Last battle of the unification and first battle of the Krystal Wars, the Battle of Fire Mountain is a major event of the Dragons timeline.

Sent by Padraig under the Draigar banner of unification, the Draigar Warriors fought against the powerful double-headed Dragon Eironchard, as his orange Power Stone is believed to be the 6th sacred stone, which is the last known Power Stone that isn't under the control of the Draigar. This battle and the Power Stone were important enough to lead the Norvagen and the Vorgan to war against the Draigar, marking the beginning of the Krystal Wars.

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Released during the first Dragons series, Fire Mountain was re-released during the Krystal Wars series. According to the banner used by the Draigar (the "Draigar banner of unification", using a black dragon skull behind a yellow field instead of the red banner they use during the Krystal Wars) and the shields used by the Draigar of Warfang culture (which are just repainted Warfang shields instead of the triangular shields they use during the Krystal Wars), Fire Mountain is set before the major battles of the Krystal Wars. It is possible that this set marks the end of the Dragons line and the beginning of the Krystal Wars line, as the Power Stone, Eironchard, and the Draigar characters are present on the Krystal Wars poster, making them elements of the Krystal Wars.

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Dreadleg, Blackbrow, Hammerheart, Raingrim, Oakenlock, Ironeye

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