Water ghost

The Water Ghost Dragon set.

Elementals was a series from Dragons. It revolves around ghost Dragons linked to an element. 4 factions appear in this line: the Vorgan, Norvagen, Draigar, and Fyren.

Sets Edit

List of sets

Large sets:

9839 Tower Dragons

Medium sets:

9884 Ghost Dragon

Ghost Dragon: THE GHOST DRAGON- and warriors haunt the battlefield. Join the search for the magical Crystals of Power!

Unamed Ghost Dragon

Ghost Figures: 5 Unamed Warfang Ghosts and 5 Unamed Valtheran Ghosts.

98001 Fire Ghost Dragon

Fire: DEFENSE OF FYREN RAMPART- The Fyren have harnessed volcanic forces and possess the fiery powers of Earth's core whereby wielding battlefield rage.

MAGMAERO the dragon

Fyren Figures: Embarian, Moltenmace, Coresmelt, & Volcantagonus

98002 Water Ghost Dragon

Water: STRIKE ON NORVAGEN KEEP- The Norvagen summon the power of the tides and ocean with hope and ambition as attributes to their battle cause.


Norvagen Figures: Alterguard, Stormfahrer, Harbourport, & Squallstaller

98003 Earth Ghost Dragon

Earth: ASSAULT ON VORGAN TOWER- The Vorgan use the resonance of the terrain and wilderness, while displaying greed and envy on the battlefield.


Vorgan Figures: Bahrfonurth, Yulg, Dradaddahr, Grunhogg

98004 Tempest Ghost Dragon

Tempest: BATTLE AT DRAIGAR SPIRE- The Draigar have mastered the power of lightning and storms and now control light and clarity of thought on the battlefield.


Draigar Figures: Alterguard, Stormfahrer, Harbourport, & Squllstaller

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