Draigar Warchest

The Draigar are a much more peaceful group of Warriors than the Norvagen and Vorgan. They joined the Norvagen to defeat Xenoz and his Ice Vorgan army. They helped to create the Fyren and Ferroch factions.

History Edit

The Draigar originally formed by the combining of the two forces of the Warfang and the Valtheran during the unification. They have golden armour designed in both the Warfang and Valtheran styles. Their leader was Padraig.

Culture Edit

Multiple names abound in Draigar culture, here are a few:

Irondread, Spellbrand, Dreadleg, Blackbrow, Hammerheart, Raingrim, Oakenlock, Ironeye, Padraig, Silverstaff, Ravenglow, Bittergrim, Tallblade, Hawkblade, Longstrider, Blacktomb, Dreadstone, Grimspear, Asharm, Doomshadow, Fellaxe, Rainchard, Aleslade, Darkwind, Lockeye, Kyra, Ironstone, Blastforge, Sewarides, Smalltoe, Fearen, Nillek, Illuzor, Yalik, Finnwe, Princeval, Lamorak, Rondeye, Elorich, Siddari, Alldread, Ironspear, Bitterwind, Ravenstomb, Faegron, Ytharn, Temperkiln, Grimfist, Longsword, Ironhand, Rainwalker, Icebrand, Moonstalker, Blackaxe, Darkblade, Eldershield, Oakspear, Icestaff, Shadowarm, Alewind

Padraig was the first Draigar king as he was the one who united the Warfang and Valtheran factions. A lineage of kings was continued through the ages, with the last king being Siddari, and his daughter, Kyra, next in line to inherit the throne.

There are 2 Siddari characters, one called Siddari and the other called Dark Siddari. It is unknown whether these characters are the same or entirely different people.

Dragons associated with the Draigar include:

Eironchard, Shadowbane, Thornripper, Stoneburner, Rockscorcher, Talonblaze, Craigfire, Torchwing, Aroara Bronze Armour Dragon, Thoron Platinum Armour Dragon, Screechlurker Antimony Armour Dragon, Wraithwing Draigar Avatar Dragon, Thunderoar Draigar Transport Dragon, Balefyre Fire Dragon, Fangrene Acid Dragon, Iceblaze Ice Dragon, Trylobite Advance Attack Dragon, Boulder Krystal Cavern Dragon, Wizenbeard Draigar Lightning Dragon, Ignistrife Red Dragon

Temperkiln has a horse named Fulcrum.

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