Dragons Universe is the series that came after the original Dragons series was discontinued by Mega Bloks. It had one sub-line titled the Rise Of The Predavors. Dragons Universe is where Dragons have high tech weapons (called Predavors) and fight humans (called the Alliance) who also have high tech weapons.

The series was a drastic departure from the style of the old Dragons line. No longer are there knights and Krystals but instead they were replaced with marines and power cores.


List of sets

Large sets:

95213 Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter

95214 Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer

95208 Hyper Assault Dragon Slayer

95207 Rapid Fire Dragon Fighter

95217 Ultimate Dragon/ Flarestorm

Medium sets:

95205 Tailspike

95204 Torchwing

95203 Blackheart

95202 Clawripper

95135 Goldrage

95133 Icestorm

95132 Venomfang

95131 Flamedrake

95130 Starblaze

Small sets:

95123 Albatross

95124 Raven

95129 Colt

95134U Alliance Fig Pack

95134V Alliance Troop Pack

95102 Blind Pack-Series 1

95229 Falcon

95230 Stallion

95231 Eagle

95120 Hydrobolt

95121 Amberblast

95122 Terager

95226 Fleshtear

95227 Skullcrush

95228 Ironclaw

99626 Limited Edition Figure

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