Warriors Fortress

The Warriors Fortress.

A construction toy line from Mega Bloks, Dragons started as a series simply called Dragons. It was followed by the series of Krystal Wars, Iron Raiders, Elementals, Fire And Ice, Spell Casters, Metal Ages, Plasma Dragons, and finally Battlestorm Epic before the series changed entirely into Dragons Universe. Dragons are also what both series are based off of.

Lore Edit

The Dragons live in a special realm known as Dragon World. The Dragons also live in the Human World. They have the ability to use Krystals Of Power with the most powerful being the Aurathon Krystal used by the Dragon King, Thoron. There are many different types of Dragons, such as two-headed Dragons, Sea Dragons, Swamp Dragons, and Plasma Dragons.

Original Sets Edit

List of sets

Large sets:

9890 Warriors Fortress

9896 Dragon Tower

9897 Dragons Challenge (Non-canon)

Medium sets:

9881 Battle Gate

9886 Sorcerer's Lair

9871 Dragon Slayer

9882 Fire Mountain

9850 Dragon Battle

Small sets:

9862 War Chest (Valtheran & Non-canon)

9861 War Chest (Warfang & Non-canon)

9864 Valtheran ballista War Chest (Non-canon)

9863 Warfang catapult War Chest (Non-canon)

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