Dev as he appears in the movies.

Prince Dev is the son of Olsef and next in line to become king of the Norvagen. His personal Dragon was Targon. When he was young, Thoron gave him magical abilities by hiding part of the Aurathon Krystal as a scar on his face. He teamed up with Kyra to find Thoron for Xenoz but soon learned that Xenoz was holding his father prisoner. He and Kyra then went to the Dragon Mountain to save their parents and defeated Xenoz, ending the war of Fire And Ice. Later he would fight alongside the Draigar, Fyren, and Ferroch against the invading Odaku forces during the Metal Ages. Dev had the ability to control wind and was often hot-headed, charging into battle without thinking.


Born amid the 1000-year conflict with the Draigar, Dev had known only war and was himself a great warrior. Growing up with the real consequences of warfare, including the loss in battle of his beloved Grandfather, Dev had developed a keen and scalding hatred of the Draigar. He considers them sly, treacherous—and his sworn enemy, and was raised to battle against them like his ancestors before him.

However, above all things Dev yearned for the return of the Dragons to this world. According to legend, this could happen only when the ongoing war with the Draigar ends. Therefore, Dev’s life’s purpose was found: The ultimate defeat of the Draigar!

Dev was later imbuned with a portion of great Aurathon's power at a young age by Dragon King Thoron. He was unaware of his role in the destiny of not only the Norvagen and the Draigar—but in that of the Realm of the Dragons as well.


Strong, stout build, blonde hair, blue eyes. Has a curious mark on his face—which glows mysteriously when his anger is roused…


Fearless, quick-witted—yet also quick to anger; always ready for battle

Fighting Style

A powerful combatant a la Western melee; expert with the sword, battleaxe and in bare fist-fighting.

Dev is a ferocious warrior. In the heat of battle, Dev’s temper flares and fuels his savage fighting ability—which can be frightening to behold! There is even hushed talk among the Norvagen that Dev might be, like his great-great-grandfather before him: a Berserker…

Special Abilities

Has an uncanny connection to the Elemental winds, which seem to match his darker moods...

Favored Dragon

Targon, the Dragon. Together they form a fearless and incredibly strong team! Dev glories to the thrill of Dragon-flight--and rides atop Targon's back at every opportunity, especially into battle!

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