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Blazebasilisk, the Hunter Dragon, is a blue Dragon released during the Battlestorm Epic wave.

NAME: Blazebasilisk
TYPE: Hunter Dragon
SIGN: Earth
LAIR: Lush trees of Gryphongroves
FOOD: Avid gemivore, though an accomplished hunter of living creatures
STRENGTH: Incredible speed with powers closely linked to those of magical lizards
SPEED: 715mph
BEST TRICK: Release deadly venom through pores
ALLIES: Extremely friendly and open to exchanging riddles and rhymes with just about anyone. Deeply confides in Serpentorch
MISSION: Blazebasilisk has incredible physical strength and a one-track mind dedicated to collecting as many Plasma Krystals as possible. Secretly, he'd like to rid the universe of all humans as he believes their thirst for power is selfish and misplaced...

Source: (2008)[1]

Invisor Plasma Krystal

Invisor Plasma Krystal

Incredible physical strength can be had with the acquisition of the Invisor Plasma Krystal. From knocking out whole armies with a single blow, to lifting the impossible and resisting the most violent elements, this Plasma Krystal is full of protection and unshakable energy. [2]


Mordrakken is the warrior minifigure that comes with the set. From the Aurios army, he knows how to concoct powerful potions, can shoot fire beams from his helmet and is an excellent foot warrior. [3]

Box Description

Blazebasilisk prototype

"Hatched from a blue egg, Blazebasilisk is a Hunter Dragon with incredible physical strength and eyes that secrete deadly venom.

Build Blazebasilisk quickly with this 13-piece set that comes with the warrior Mordrakken and the Invisor Plasma Krystal, which lights up and drips a light green liquid."

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