The largest set from this wave, the Battlestorm Castle.

Battlestorm Epic is the final Dragons series. It uses many elements from the previous Plasma Dragons wave and also marks the return to the original minifigure design (that was changed for whatever reason in the Plasma series). The story revolves around 3 factions: the Argentix, Aurios, and Neutral. All 3 factions are fighting for control of the magical Dragon Krystals.

Sets Edit

List of sets

Large sets:

96001 Battlestorm Castle

96000 Siege Chariot

9648 Dragonstone Battlefield

9552 Plasma Dragons Towerbridge

9597 Battlefield Vehicles Set

9569 Terradiver Argentix Battle Glider

9568 Landstrider Aurios Rank Divider

9545 Fyreskiff Warship

Medium sets:

9641 Wizard's Tower

9642 Sorcerer's Turret

98267 Reignyth Battle Plasma Dragon

9643 Egg Assortment (Non-canon)

98267 Reyghar Battle Dragon

Small sets:

9417 Sunblott Equinox Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9573 Sunblott Equinox Dragon & Hornlock (Dragon Egg&Rare)

9419 Darkcrown Eclipse Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9575 Darkcrown Eclipse Dragon & Suen (Dragon Egg&Rare)

9420 Cycloneblaze Nova Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9576 Cycloneblaze Nova Dragon & Kronstand (Dragon Egg&Rare)

9418 Cirrusfire Solstice Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9574 Cirrusfire Solstice Dragon & Rollock (Dragon Egg&Rare)

9645 Serpentorch Horned Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9647 Ironscales Royal Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9644 Fireptile Plains Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9646 Blazebasilisk Hunter Dragon (Dragon Egg)

9630 Fortress Attack (Army Builder)

9631 Forest Expedition (Army Builder)

9564 Argentix Revenge (Army Builder)

9629 Ruins Battle (Army Builder)

9565 Aurios Assault (Army Builder)

9566 Mythics Battle (Army Builder)

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