The Aurathon Krystal is the most powerful of all the Krystals Of Power. It is worn by the Dragon King, Thoron.

Fire And IceEdit

During the events of Fire And Ice, Thoron split the Aurathon between the humans Dev, prince of the Norvagen, and Kyra, princess of the Draigar. The essence of the Krystal scarred their faces and gave the ability to control elemental powers. The Aurathon was split to hide it from Xenoz, who wished to use it to destroy the human armies and rule over them. Xenoz eventually found out, using the Dragon Queen's Krystal to read the memories of Dev and Kyra, and retrieved the Aurathon Krystal from them. They fought Xenoz, during the battle the Aurathon was returned to Thoron, giving him his full power.

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