The dragon Starblaze and his human ally.

Predavor Dragons tamed by the Alliance. A few of these Dragons are the evolutions of Exgeneron, Voltria, and Glaceus

Culture Edit

These Dragons were captured as eggs and were trained to be loyal to the Alliance from birth.

Names of the dragons include:

Starblaze, Flamedrake, Thrash Exo, Fang Exo, Blast Exo, Raid Exo, Pierce Exlanzer, Assault Excaliga, Strike Vosa, Pulse Vosa, Slash Vosa, Burst Vosa, Shock Vosanu, Thunder Vozeus, Claw Glaz, Fierce Glaz, Pulse Glaz, Thrash Glaz, Freeze Glaryu, Blizzard Glaragon, Alpha Arkus

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