The Alliance is an army and one of the two factions in the Dragons Universe series. It is primarily made up of humans, but also has several Dragons among its ranks. The characters are divided into several ranks. They fight with the Predavors faction over power cores. A few humans were enslaved to fight for the Predavors, others simply betrayed the Alliance to join the dragons.


The main military of the Alliance is made up flying vehicles, most of them are named after birds. Some of these vehicles are:

Hawk (Rapid Fire Dragon Fighter), Assault Mako (Hyper Assault Dragon Slayer), Condor (Deluxe Dual-Blast Dragon Hunter), Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer, Eagle, Stallion, Raven, Albatross, Falcon, Colt, Azure Striker, Zircon Blitzer


The human Alliance governed numerous planets across the galaxy. They achieved this by unifying all human nations through war and continued to maintain a significant army to patrol their territories. Eventually, a remote world with an asteroid belt was colonized. This world maintained a significant garrison due to its position at the edge of Alliance-controlled space. Unknown to the colonists, the asteroid belt was inhabited by dormant Dragons contained within the asteroids, which rained down upon the planet unleashing the Dragons. The Dragons immediately attacked the humans due to the their use of power cores in the vehicles and the Dragons requiring them to survive.

As the war dragged on, many civilians were drafted into the Alliance army to continue the fight against the seemingly endless Predavor horde. This led to many of the draftees becoming disenfranchised with the Alliance and they joined the Predavor cause. Alarmed by the sudden betrayal of a large portion of their army, the Alliance searched for new ways to combat the Predavors. They soon discovered that the Dragons originated from the asteroid belt around the planet and captured numerous Dragon Eggs. They then raised these Dragons to be completely loyal to the Alliance.


The Alliance is a military organization that protects human colonies around the galaxy. The Alliance uses the Predavor power cores as a power source for their machines of war. The names of the humans are based off of Roman/ Latin words and names.

A few members of the Alliance are included here, divided by rank.


Avitus, Lucius, Otto, Aquila, Pontius, Titus, Cina, Brutus, Trebius, Zeno, Spurius, Falco, Evodius, Avila, Lurco, Drusillus, Trianius



Dragon Riders:

Cotta, Strado, Fulvius, Viator, Novius, Seneca, Photius


Decimus, Fronto, Cato, Ignatius, Vedrix, Proxsimus, Cyricus, Niveus




Marcus Aurilius, Maximus Augustus, Gaius Octavian, Crito Burcanius, Protius Martialis

A special group of commandos known as the Super Unit was made up of the Alliance soldiers: Maximus Augustus, Aquila, and Pontius.

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